About The Windham Theatre Guild

The Windham Theatre Guild is a non-profit volunteer organization that has been producing quality community theatre since 1985. Hundreds of community volunteers join us each year as we strive to offer live theatrical and musical productions and education in the performing arts that promote the growth, quality and general welfare of the Arts in Eastern and Central Connecticut.

Each year, the Guild produces five to six Main Stage productions ranging from comedies to dramadies, to murder mysteries to musicals. Over the years, the WTG has also produced Shakespeare, dramas, plays by local playwrights and youth theatre productions.  In addition to theatrical performances the Guild offers Broadway chorus concerts and performances by local musicians.

In 2017, Fractured Theatre @ WTG was born to provide productions that we hope will make you laugh, cry, shake your fists in anger, ponder or invoke conversation. Deemed as the “edgy little cousin” of the Windham Theatre Guild, Fractured Theatre shows are those productions that may not quite fit a main stage season, but provide a new outlet for more risqué, contemporary pieces for audiences, young and old.

The Windham Theatre Guild currently draws an average attendance of 6,000 people at over sixty performances a year. The organization continues to grow and expand its program each year, offering a variety of opportunities for members of the community to learn about and experience many aspects of the theatre. The WTG depends on the community for all of its participants. All auditions are completely open and the Guild is constantly looking for volunteers to help in all areas of its productions.