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Your donation to the WTG can really make a difference. As with most theatres, the gap between ticket revenues and our budget needs are filled by the generous donations of our supporters. In 1985, when the Guild began, there was no budget to speak of and the group was a band of gypsies performing wherever space was available. The Guild now has a budget of over $170,000 and operates the Burton Leavitt Theatre on Main Street in Willimantic.

Operating a theatre is a magical experience but it’s also a challenge to keep up with the heating bill, the light bill and the many other costs of maintaining a building. Our 15 Member Board of Directors meets monthly to monitor our expenses and activities. We have no paid staff and all of our revenues go into our productions, equipment and maintenance of the building.

Our Fundraising Committee raises thousands of dollars each year. But as has been the case for over twenty years, the margin of success is covered by the contributions of our supporters. Please consider becoming or continuing to be a supporter of this remarkable community effort. Help us continue to bring quality community theatre to the Windham Community. 

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Everyone that makes a donation will be eligible to receive updates of all WTG events and meetings and will also have voting privileges. 

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